Tea is a beverage that has become almost synonymous with India. It is sold everywhere, from tiny corner shops in the streets, to the fanciest hotels and resorts. Now it is even possible to buy authentic Indian tea online, delivered to your doorstep!

Munnar tea is one of the most well-known varieties of Indian tea. The origins of this beloved beverage can be traced to the historic tea estates of the lush green region in the state of Kerala; estates which have been producing authentic Munnar tea for centuries. This particular type of tea is known and loved for its variety and flavour. However, if you are not a tea connoisseur, it can be difficult to choose which type of Munnar tea you will enjoy, and which one you should buy. This article is meant to guide you into learning a little more about the various types of tea that the Munnar Tea Shop sells, as well as helping you decide which one would best suit your palate.

There are several factors to take into consideration when buying the perfect tea for your taste, especially when you are buying tea online. You need to be sure of the quality of tea, the taste and aroma, and how to drink it. Some of the factors you can consider are:


The flavour of tea is the most important factor when choosing tea. Our range of tea products cover the spectrum of different flavours, from the fruitier Orange Pekoe, to the mildly astringent Golden Leaf, to the strong flavour of Heritage Delight. Depending on your taste, and whether you prefer to take your tea plain or with milk, you can select from a variety of different products that suit your needs.


Aroma is one of the most complex factors when it comes to choosing tea, since it complements the flavour. Some of our teas have a stronger aroma and some have a lighter one. For example, if you prefer a mild aroma, then Munnar Tea Shop makes a tea called Sunshine Delight which might just be the one for you. However, if a bitter taste and stronger aroma is what you are after, then you might want to try the Splendid Leaf Blend.

Pictures of the Tea on the Packet

A picture speaks a thousand words. When buying our tea, you can always have a look at our handy picture to get an idea of the colour of the tea when brewed. The strength of the flavour and aroma often reflects in the colour, so having a picture with clear brewing instructions can definitely help. Plus – at Munnar Tea Shop’s online store, we ensure that what you order is what you get, so you can reliably use our pictures to select the tea of your choice.

Harvest Date

The harvest date is also an important consideration when buying tea online, since sometimes you might get older stock if you are not careful. Ideally, the month and date of harvest is mentioned on the packet. At our online shop, you can also choose to buy “Today’s Leaf”, in which we will send you the freshest, most recently plucked tea leaves by the next day.


Knowing where your tea comes from is also very important. Many places that sell tea online only mention the country, which alone is not enough to determine the quality of tea you get. Our tea is all produced at our local tea plantation in Munnar, which is linked to our online store, so you can be assured of exactly the location of where your tea is being grown, cultivated and packaged.

If you are still unable to decide which tea is for you, then it is better to try a combination of different teas and see which one works best. Our online shop offers various tea package bundles that offer a variety of wellness and health benefits, with a range of flavours. However, it is important to incorporate at least one cup of tea into your daily routine given the numerous health benefits associated with the beverage.

Research shows that people who drink more tea are less prone to cancer and other diseases. It also helps in improving sleep cycles and strengthening of the body.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in making your decision about the perfect Munnar tea to buy online! For any questions, you can contact us and we will promise to help you as much as we can.