A game of life above the ground, we begin our journey with insignificant dawn after our graduation. To serve the needs of a customer with the transparency of boycotting the tea adulteration process. A lesson we learned from one of our own people who owns an old tea shop in the HILLS OF MUNNAR, who taught us how to put a smile on their faces by just not serving a cup of joy rather than a cup of tea. We overwhelmed to gain the perspective to show our own products in our online store with a passion for tea.

Since this tea plantations in Munnar gave us an existence of life from our own soil. We Munnarian’s achieving the greatest glory to help our plantation workers to get a better verve even for their epochs in this era by procuring from multiple production units to enhance the quality of the product. The quality of our products is Emanated to Numerous levels of quality check by our RESEARCH SCIENTISTS before up hitting up our inventory. The cost of the product shoots up due to the considerable quality check in every stocking up process.

Our tea has a unique taste by several factors. The blend is untouched by any external sources which startle the purity of a product. The other factor upswings our product is the leaves are plucked from a SINGLE ESTATE GARDEN that bestows a similar taste and quality.

A quick critique of the transparency in our company is the limited resources and unadulterated TEA PRODUCTS directly to your doorstep from our own inventory equipped with a skilled team. A circle of rejoicing and the purity we provide to our beloved customers, get us to know by placing the order today.Expansions slated to the middle east and parts of Europe, since we provide the best of all tea's directly to the doorstep of every customer.

Our beloved customers are our biggest strength, who supported us by just buying our products raised us by adding their honest reviews and opinions on our page.

We at Munnar Tea Shop are extremely happy in serving a cup of joy ☕♡ rather than a cup of tea!