Exciting Adventure Sports to Enjoy in Munnar

Exciting Adventure Sports to Enjoy in Munnar

Munnar is a paradise for travelers who love to try out new and exciting adventure sports. There are several places to try out various activities like parasailing, trekking, and the fun forest adventure park. The town also has a tea estate and you can visit the tea museum as well. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar. Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.

Fun Forest Adventure Park

Located near Munnar, Fun Forest Adventure Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Kerala. The park is well equipped with a variety of adventure activities to suit your needs. From ATV Ride to Burma Bridge crossing, the park offers a range of thrilling experiences for everyone.

One of the most exciting attractions of the park is its four wheel buggy ride. During the tour, you can drive through the thick forest while enjoying the view of the surrounding hills.

You can also participate in other exciting adventures like rock climbing, rappelling, and valley crossing. Rock climbing is done by climbing the rocks with the help of a harness. Rappelling is also an adrenaline pumping experience.

Other exciting rides include a V Net, a Bucket throw, a Happy Car, and a Cricket simulator. If you are looking for a more adventurous ride, you can opt for a 10-meter climbing wall or a Spanish bull ride.

Apart from these, you can also try out some aerial adventure games. In addition, you can take part in Jeep Safari, Valley Crossing, or a Buggy Ride.

Another adventure activity that is a favorite among tourists is mountain biking. There are a lot of resorts that organize bike trips for their visitors.

Trekking is another popular activity. At Top Station, you can hike along the valleys or you can opt for a brisk walk. But if you prefer a more calming experience, you can opt for a boat ride.

Munnar is the best destination for travelers who love nature and adventure sports. It is also a great place for families and couples. With its awe-inspiring scenery, you can easily plan a family vacation in this enchanting hill station.

To make your trip to Munnar memorable, you can also explore some amazing adventure activities. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy trekking through the pristine hills or you can go on an elephant safari. You can also visit the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

When in Munnar, you can also try out some of the most thrilling adventure sports like mountain biking, rappelling, and boating. These activities are organized by the Forest Department's eco-tourism project. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar . Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.


Parasailing is one of the most exciting adventure sports to enjoy in Munnar. The beauty of this sport lies in the fact that you get to experience the laws of aerodynamics without putting up any effort on your part.

The best time to go for this is between October and March. This is when the skies are clear and the wind is at its optimum.

Another fun-filled activity is to take a banana boat ride along the backwaters of Kerala. Kayaking is also gaining popularity in this state.

Water rappelling is another fun-filled activity. It is a relatively new water sport in India. Unlike kayaking, the sport of rappelling involves a person falling from a height of about 40 feet.

If you want to try parasailing in Munnar, you must visit a number of beaches. One of the most popular is the lighthouse beach.

To participate in the activity, you need a government-approved ID. The other thing to note is that it costs about 3500 rupees per person.

You can take the plunge into the seas of Andaman and Nicobar too. There are a number of places in the islands where you can enjoy this adventure sport.

You can also try mountain biking in Munnar. During this adventure sport, you can witness the beauty of the mountains from atop.

Apart from these, you can also try kayaking in Dandeli. While the latter is not as much of an adventure as the parasailing, it is a fun-filled activity.

Finally, you can visit Kovalam Beach. Kovalam is home to the Ashtamudi Water Sports Centre. In the center, you can try Aqua Parasailing and kayaking.

For those who want to do something more adventurous, you can consider a jeep safari in Kerala. You can also check out the popular rock-climbing sites in the state.

Adventure tourism in this state is growing rapidly. It is now possible to enjoy several off-beat activities including kayaking, rock climbing, cycling and more. With the perfect weather and scenic landscapes, Kerala is one of the best destinations for this sport. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar . Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.


The hill station of Munnar is a perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts. This place is known for its stunning view of mountains, cascading waterfalls and misty greens. It is one of the most popular hill stations of Kerala. In addition to that, it also offers other exciting activities to do.

For those who love nature, Munnar has many trekking trails. One can explore the tea estates or jungles in a safe and fun way. To add more to the excitement, you can try rock climbing. Rock climbing involves climbing the rocks by using a harness.

If you are a fan of hiking, you should definitely visit the Blossom International Park. The 16-km-long trail leads you through untouched beauty. You can see a variety of flowering plants and rare trees.

Another famous activity in Munnar is mountain biking. There are many resorts in the city that offer bike rentals. Also, you can go on a cycle tour around the region.

Other exciting activities to do in Munnar include waterfall bathing, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking and more. Some of the best places to trek include Meesapulimala, Kolukkumalai and Chembra Peak.

Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park is another great place to enjoy thrilling activities. This place is an eco-friendly park, and it is located on the Moolakadai Road. As well as that, it offers bungee jumping, a wave pool, and more.

In addition to that, you can enjoy other activities like elephant rides. It is fun for both adults and kids.

For those who are looking for a break from their regular routine, hiking is the best thing to do in Munnar. A hike can last for hours, and it's a great way to experience nature. During a trek, you can observe the forest life at night, which is quite different from day time.

Munnar is a perfect place to have a family vacation. Besides that, it is also a great place for couples. With the help of a local guide, you can explore the various areas.

You can also get your thrills by taking a jeep safari. Munnar offers several off-road Jeep safaris. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar. Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

If you want to explore Munnar's scenic beauty, there are several exciting adventure sports that you can participate in. Some of these are rappelling, mountain biking, cycling and trekking. You can hire professional guides to help you enjoy these activities.

Rappelling is one of the most popular adventure activities in Munnar. It is an experience that you should not miss! The harness that is connected to the rope allows you to look down at the natural beauty that surrounds you. You will also get the chance to see the wildlife.

Rock climbing is another popular sport. In Munnar, you can go rock climbing at a number of places. One of these is at Echo Point, which is located 15 kilometers from Munnar. This place is a favorite among trekkers and tourists.

There are several resorts that organize biking trips for visitors. You can find these in Suryanelli, Chinnakanal, Vandanmedu and Marayoor. Several cycle rental agencies are also present.

A visit to Munnar is incomplete without exploring the lush green plantations. There are numerous fruit trees, vanilla, cardamom, and many other varieties. These plants exude a heavenly aroma.

Another activity you can enjoy in Munnar is staying in a tree house. These are made of natural materials and are perfect for those seeking a relaxing and exotic vacation. Several Tree Houses are also being constructed in different parts of Kerala, including in Thekkady and Wayanad.

You can also take a ride in an elephant. Elephants are trained to ride and you can opt to take an elephant ride to explore the region. Since there are plenty of trails around, it is suitable for kids and adults alike.

The area is also home to the Neelakurinji, a beautiful flower that blooms every 12 years. These flowers are considered to be rare, as they are only found in the Western Ghats.

When you're traveling in Munnar, you can't miss the opportunity to taste the finest teas. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is located 35 kilometers from Munnar. At the estate, you can taste delicious teas.

Eravikulam National Park is a great place to visit if you're a nature lover. The park is filled with rare plants, including epiphytic orchids. Other attractions in the park include Nilgiri Tahr, a beautiful wild balsam, and rare trees. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar. Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.

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