Best Ways To Drink Indian Black Tea

Best Ways To Drink Indian Black Tea

Best Ways To Drink Indian Black Tea

There are many ways in which you can brew the perfect cup of Indian black tea. While milk and sugar are the most common choices, there are several secrets from around the world to enjoying this beverage in more than one way.

Black tea is the simplest of all teas to make, and choosing the correct tea is the first step in brewing the perfect cup. There are several varieties of black tea, each with its own flavour profile, ranging from the floral jasmine tea, to the slightly more caffeinated Sri Lankan black tea, to organic Munnar black tea that we grow on our plantation. Although the main process of brewing tea remains the same, there are parts of this process that differ from country to country and region to region.

Black tea was originally drunk by the Dutch and eventually spread to all parts of the world, where it is now a beverage enjoyed by people in many countries. Making the perfect cup of black tea is considered an art as well as a science, since it tends to develop a strong flavours quickly and if left to steep for too long, can result in a bad cup of tea. There are a number of ways to enjoy black tea, the main ones being:

1. The Traditional Way – With Milk

The most traditional and popular method of adding flavour to make the best black tea is to add a little milk to it. Black tea in India is generally enjoyed with milk and sugar. The milk helps to blend the flavour of the black tea. Munnar Black tea is of several varieties and can be enjoyed with milk and sugar, or even plain.

2. Add Some Fruit

Blending black tea with some fruits is another way to enjoy the beverage, in case you dislike milk or are lactose intolerant. Fruits add a different flavour profile to the tea and make it an interesting experience rather than just a cup of plain simple black tea. For a black tea with less flavour, lemon and other citrus fruits are preferred, since they lift the flavour of the tea rather than overpowering it. If you are feeling adventurous, then adding mango, papaya and pineapple, as an option.

3. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is another favourite way to drink black tea – it packs a punch of flavour and has great health benefits. The best black tea in India almost always has some flavouring of ginger to it. The ginger, much like fruit, adds a flavour profile like no other to the tea, and soothes the throat. Although it is spicy, and not citrusy, it goes especially well with black tea from Munnar and other Indian black tea.

In recent times, people are becoming more and more creative when it comes to brewing black tea. Some people even make tea cocktails and other infused drinks out of tea, which can be consumed at any time of the day.

Why not try some new ways to drink black tea? Here are some ideas for you :

1. Adding flower petals and buds to the black tea – these make the tea not only look pretty but develop a mild floral flavour.

2. Adding spices – ginger is only one of the several flavours you can add to tea, but why not try cardamom, cinnamon, or any other strong spice to it?

3. Honey and sweeteners – for a sugary flavour that complements the rich flavour of a strong black tea.

4. Nutmeg and vanilla essence added to the tea gives it more of a dessert-like flavour profile, and might cut down your sweet cravings.

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