How Green Tea Helps You Quit Smoking

How Green Tea Helps You Quit Smoking

How Green Tea Helps You Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes are quite dangerous for us and. We all on this but it is a bad habit which hasn't gone out of practice no matter how harmful the effects are. And let us be very practical here, it is hard to quit smoking once it becomes your habit. Most people hesitate due to physical, psychological and social factors. Many people have quit smoking and have to hug an improved version of lifestyle.

Do you the reason behind the act of quit smoking? Green Tea, you may be surprised after listening to this but it is true. Green tea is a revolutionary drink which in true mean helped the individual to attain a better lifestyle. It is a suitable drink that packs both mind and body healing properties. Green tea has encouraged a lot of people to quit the habit of smoking.

Do you want to know how it is possible then have a look at this:-

Anti Stress Effect: - It is quite obvious that if quit smoking there will be some withdrawal symptoms as well. The most common withdrawal symptoms are depression. When we smoke cigarettes for years we get addicted to nicotine and it releases serotonin in the brain and this regulates mood in the human body. Green tea is itself anti-depressants. It elevates the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the drinker’s system which affects their mood.

Green Tea help to regulate weight:- most common excuse used by smoker is that they will gain weight if they will quit smoking. But here we want to tell you there is a lot better options for that you can drink green tea to reduce or maintain your weight.

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