4 Creative Ways To Enjoy Breakfast Tea

4 Creative Ways To Enjoy Breakfast Tea

Tea is a versatile drink and can be enhanced in many ways. Breakfast tea in particular has a very light flavour, which makes it a perfect choice to start off your morning with.

The simplest way to enjoy your tea is the traditional way – plain, steeped in a glass of warm water for at least 5-6 minutes. Depending on your taste, you might also want to add milk or sugar to make it tastier.

Some might prefer an even stronger or varied flavour, in which case, worry not - we are here to help you with how you can spruce up your morning brew and make it more interesting. From fruits to honey, there are multiple ingredients you can use in your breakfast tea to make it taste better. With these flavourings, you can enjoy your tea to its fullest and have the full English breakfast experience!

Option 1 : Milk and Sugar

The traditional way to have breakfast tea like Earl Grey and English Breakfast is with a little milk and sugar. These two are essential ingredients if you want to enjoy your tea like the British do. It is in fact, not uncommon to see that many Indians also enjoy their tea that way. This type of breakfast tea has a richer flavour than normal breakfast tea. What’s more – the milk will make you feel fuller than if you drink your tea in plain water, giving you the energy to carry on with your day.

Option 2 : Berries!

Berries are an excellent ingredient to add to your tea if you like fruity flavoured teas without the milk and sugar. You can crush these berries into your tea for the best flavour, or even brew the tea with the berries thrown in. The types of berries you choose can be anything from strawberries to blackberries or blueberries or literally any other type! The tartness of the berries really compliments the flavuor of the tea, and gives you the added nutritional benefits of the fruit you are eating.

Option 3 : Honey

If you don’t want to sacrifice the healthiness of the tea for the sweetness of its flavour, honey is an excellent choice to flavour your breakfast tea with. The sweetness of honey flavours the tea perfectly while eliminating the calories associated with refined sugar. This can also be a remedy for if you have steeped your tea for too long, giving it a slightly bitter or acrid flavour.

Option 4 : Vanilla

A few drops of vanilla are a wonderfully subtle flavouring to underscore the rich flavour of breakfast tea. Be sure to add not more than a drop or two, since the taste of vanilla can also be quite bitter. Ideally, you should mix this with a spoonful of sugar or honey to eliminate the bitterness. This type of tea can be enjoyed warm, but for an unusual twist, try it poured over crushed ice for a morning iced latte that will leave your tastebuds tingling!

These are just some of the options for enjoying your breakfast tea. However, there are also many recipes for other variations that you can find online which can help find a unique flavour that is suitable for your taste buds. Have a great morning!

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