The Essential Equipment For Every Tea Lover

The Essential Equipment For Every Tea Lover

Making the perfect cup of tea requires the right tools! And when it comes to tea, there is no dearth of tea making equipment in the market. From electric tea kettles to brewing sets, there are many options available for you to choose from.

Here we’re going to talk about the few basic pieces of equipment, as well as some nice to have trinkets if you are a tea lover, to add to your collection and help you brew the perfect cup. While owning all of these is not necessary, you may find some use for it and who knows? You might also find yourself having fun with them as you experiment with more recipes!

Reusable Tea Strainer /Infuser

A reusable tea strainer is one of the most useful tea gadgets you can own especially if you prefer loose leaf teas. It comes in many styles and shapes such as the classic one that hangs from your cup or the removable infuser that can fit into your cup. Depending on how long you like to steep your tea, and the strength of the flavour, you can decide on whether you prefer the former or the latter. All of these are available on many online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

Tea Kettle

A tea kettle can reduce the time taken to brew tea. It also reduces the amount of dishes and pots you need to clean after you have made your tea. An electric kettle also has the ability to sound an alarm or notify you when your water is at the optimum temperature so it is definitely worth investing in if tea is part of your daily routine. What’s more, since black tea is known to stain pots and pans, it may be good to invest in a dedicated tea kettle for your tea.

Sugar and Creamer Set

What would black tea be without cream and sugar? To make it easy to add cream and sugar in your tea, investing in a sugar and creamer serving set might be a good idea. Not only does it look cute and extremely aesthetic, but it also helps you measure out the amount to add to your tea in the right proportions.

Cold Brewing Glass Bottle

For those hot summer days, there is no better tea brewing accessory! A cold brewing bottle lets you make your own iced tea and other cold brews. Not only does the bottle look pretty, but also makes for a flavorful and fun activity. And, did we mention that there is a hidden strainer and a pour spout so that you can strain your tea to perfection?

Tea Tins

One of the best ways to enjoy a tasty cup of tea is to keep the tea leaves as fresh as possible. Having a collection of tea tins with an airtight lid can help you store large amounts of tea and keep them as fresh as when you bought them. We would recommend storing different tea blends in different tins to preserve the unique flavour and aroma of each. Plus, these tins can be reused multiple times, instead of buying new boxes of tea each time.

Matcha Whisk and Scoop

Can’t get enough of healthy matcha tea? A good matcha is made by whisking it and making it light and frothy. So if you do prefer matcha, you might find a whisk and scoop set useful. The scoop helps measure the correct amount of matcha and the whisk helps in making it frothy and delicious.

There are tons of accessories and gadgets to choose from. However, you do need to be comfortable with using the equipment and these are only a few things you might want to own if you love tea as much as we do.

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