How much tea can you drink in a day?

How much tea can you drink in a day?

Tea is well known for its health benefits. However, as with all things, too much of a good thing can also be detrimental to your wellbeing! If you are wondering how much tea is too much, then don’t worry, we’re here to help solve your dilemma.

Caffeine considerations – Avoid too much black tea

Although the caffeine content in tea is not as much as coffee and you can drink more cups of tea a day, you should be careful about how much tea you consume. Both green tea and black tea contain caffeine that can help keep you alert and improve your attention span but if you drink too much of either, you can suffer from headaches and palpitations. The amount of tea you can drink depends on which type of tea you prefer. For example, it is recommended that you should drink no more than six cups of green tea in a day but if it is black tea you prefer, you should limit it to no more than three or four cups maximum.

Health benefits – Choose green tea

Tea is known to reduce your risk of diseases and also improve your health. Black tea is good for health, but you should definitely keep an eye on how much you drink a day, since drinking too much can cause tooth staining, energy fluctuations, and flushing out bodily nutrients. Drinking too much tea can also result in lower iron absorption and decreased bladder capacity which is not good for health. Instead, consider drinking a few cups of plain green tea which can reduce cavities, keep better health and provide you with rich antioxidants.

Sleep patterns – Avoid black tea at night

Though drinking tea at certain times of the day improves your sleep cycle and helps to calm you down, drinking too much before bed can have the opposite effect. So, this is one thing you should be careful of when looking at your tea consumption patterns – think about what time to have your last cup of tea. You can also choose more mild varieties of tea to drink at night, such as green tea or white tea, rather than black tea which is more robust in flavour.

Added ingredients – Drink plain tea vs. flavoured tea

One healthy way in which you can consume more tea is by making it yourself instead of getting processed tea bags from the market. The more processed the tea, the less cups of it you should drink a day. But if you brew your own tea, then you can get your tea fix much more often, since it avoids additives and unnatural ingredients. Be careful though – if you enjoy your tea with milk and sugar, it may not be as healthy as you think, even if you brew it at home. To maximise health, it is advisable you drink plain black tea or green tea with warm water.

In short, tea can be good for you but can also have some side effects if you are not used to it or consume it too often. So, if you are considering increasing your tea consumption, then you should look at the pros and cons of doing so first.

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