Ten Reasons to Drink Green Tea Daily

Ten Reasons to Drink Green Tea Daily

Green tea has been enjoyed for centuries as a drink that combines subtle flavour with rich health benefits. Apart from being calorie-free, green tea is absolutely packed with beneficial antioxidants that help to nourish you and boost your energy levels naturally.

The thing that makes green tea different from black tea is that during production, it is not oxidised after the leaves are harvested. This means that all the natural antioxidants that are present in the leaves remain intact even after processing, giving it a variety of health benefits unlike any other beverage.

Here are ten reasons why you should incorporate at least one cup of green tea into your diet every day.

1. It helps you lose weight: For anyone on a diet, green tea is your best friend. Green tea increases the rate at which you burn calories. Apart from this, it reduces cholesterol and detoxes your body, which helps to reduce your craving for unhealthy foods. Apart from this, green tea also has diuretic properties that help you shed excess water weight and bloating, making it a perfect complement to a healthy and active lifestyle.

2. Boosts your heart health: Happy heart, happy life! Green tea helps to increase the function of your endothelial cells, preventing your arteries from getting clogged. Drinking tea not only improves your blood flow, but also increases the immunity of the cells that line your blood vessels, which over time reduces your risk of any serious heart diseases.

3. Improves brain activity: Looking for a pick-me-up to boost your mental alertness? Try a cup of green tea! Green tea contains natural caffeine in a dose that is much healthier than your morning cup of coffee. Additionally, studies have shown that green tea increases your ability to perform complex problem solving as well as reduces the risk of memory loss over time. In fact, green tea is commonly cited as a natural remedy for treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

4. Nourishes your skin: Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that have anti-ageing properties. Apart from this, it also helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun by helping you stay hydrated and fighting free radicals that cause damage to your skin.

5. Reduces the risk of cancer: Studies have shown that the regular consumption of green tea can be a remedy to reduce the risk of various types of cancer, including breast, intestinal, colonic, and pancreatic cancer, among others. The antioxidants present in green tea help to modulate the functioning of your immune system, and prevent the growth of cancerous cells, reducing the risk of the disease over time.

6. Helps to prevent diabetes: Owing to its nutritional value and low sugar content, green tea has been used as a remedy for years to stabilise blood sugar levels. Green tea not only helps to reduce the risk of diabetes but also slows the progression of advanced stages of diabetes in people who already have the disease.

7. Destroys harmful dental bacteria: Drinking a cup of green tea after meals can help to stem the growth of several harmful dental bacteria that cause teeth infections and bad breath. This helps to prevent cavities and other dental issues that might crop up over time.

8. Improves liver health: Green tea can be enjoyed in moderation to promote a healthy liver. It contains plant chemicals known as catechins which have been scientifically proven to reverse the effects of alcoholic beverages on the liver, as well as protect against liver tumours and other liver-related problems.

9. Can be a mood booster: Some of the aminoacids found in green tea also have relaxing and refreshing properties that can work as a natural mood booster. Green tea is recommended as a natural therapy for people who suffer from depression and other mental health issues.

10. Versatile and delicious: Finally, the main reason to drink green tea is because it is a versatile and delicious way to get in your daily hydration. Experts recommend having no more than 1-2 cups per day, to avoid flushing out too many nutrients from your body.

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