Why you should drink white tea?

Why you should drink white tea?

The origins of white tea have quite an interesting story – in fact, this delicious tea blend was discovered quite by accident in ancient China, when a few stray white tea leaves flew into the Emperor’s cup of tea. He liked the blend so much, that he sent his followers to search for the tea leaves that produced it. Lo and behold, white tea was born!

What is white tea?

White tea comes from the dried leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant. It is the type of tea that is least processed, and therefore has the most subtle flavour of all, especially when compared to the highly processed black tea and green tea varieties. The reason this tea is known as white tea is because the buds of the plants are made of delicate silver-white hairs that impart a light, refreshingly sweet flavour to this particular blend of tea.

The tea itself is not colourless, but has a rather light yellow colour, and a much milder flavour and aroma than black tea or green tea. Many say that white tea tastes more floral and less bitter than black or green tea – this is because the tea leaves are not oxidized during the production process.

White tea often sells for a much higher price than other varieties of tea, purely because it is handpicked as a single, unopened bud of a tea plant. Given its difficulty to obtain, white tea is mostly drank plain with hot water, rather than with milk or any other additives that take away from its delicate flavour.

What are the health benefits of white tea?

Like all teas, white teas are also packed with rich antioxidants that make it a naturally healthy choice of beverage. Given the lack of processing, the content of polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins are much higher in white tea than in any other variety, giving it a variety of health benefits.

From the reduction in risk of heart disease, cancer, and other serious conditions, to more mental alertness and vigour, and even reduction in bodily inflammation – the health benefits of this subtle beverage are numerous. Studies about white tea have proven that it has natural antibacterial properties, aids with weight loss, and even has a positive effect on patients with diabetes.

Finally, white tea also helps to prevent tooth decay as well as improves the quality of your skin, while preventing the harmful effects of sun exposure and ageing.

How to brew a cup of white tea?

Depending on whether the tea is made from leaves or buds, you can use different proportions to add to your tea.For example:

• For white tea made from leaves, you can use up to 2 tablespoons of white tea for every cup of water.

• For white tea made from buds, you only need 2 teaspoons of tea for every cup of water

• For a blend of both tea leaves and buds, you can settle on one tablespoon per cup of water.

The steps in making a cup are pretty simple, since you will not need to add any additional ingredients if you really want to enjoy the authentic flavour of the white tea. All you have to do is simply boil the water (preferably filtered water), infuse the tea for anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes (depending on how strong you prefer your tea), straining and drinking it.

Our special blend of white tea at the Munnar Tea shop is made for the most refined tea drinkers’ palates. It allows you to taste the purest form of authentic Munnar tea buds, while absorbing all the tremendous health benefits that this special tea offers.

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