Indian Tea Culture - A Look Into The Trends Of 2020

Indian Tea Culture - A Look Into The Trends Of 2020

                      INDIAN TEA CULTURE – A LOOK INTO THE TRENDS OF 2020

Since its discovery, tea has become an integral part of Indian society. Every region in India has its own unique way of preparing the beverage and it is interesting to see the different tea varieties and concoctions Indians come up with. The tea production market ranges from the north of India to the South, across states like Assam and West Bengal right down to the South of India to states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Over the years, many innovations have cropped up in the industry that have affected the way we Indians look at tea. So here is a list of the hot tea trends to look out for in 2020.


Black tea dominates the production market in India. One of the most famous regions for premium Indian tea is Munnar and it produces some of the best black tea in the country. However, in the recent years, a change has been observed as many people are switching from black tea to green tea and herbal tea because of their health benefits and their reputation for having more antioxidants than black tea.


A study done by the tea board of India in 2019 showed that the ready-to-drink tea market is set to grow significantly over the next few years because of its convenience. Many Indian households consume tea on a daily basis and like it with milk or sugar. However, not many people wanted to go through the process of brewing the tea from scratch and hence, prefer to buy ready-to-drink tea.


Coffee shops have already been increasing in popularity over the past decade or so. However, with the growing popularity of tea, many coffee shops are slowly starting to incorporate more and more varieties of Indian tea items on the menu, as they are becoming an increasingly preferred option. From iced teas to matcha teas, the variety of tea-based beverages to choose from is one of the major trends of Indian tea culture.


With the demand for tea production rising, it is no surprise that you can buy tea online and gift it to someone. In fact, many people go to online tea stores like the Munnar Tea Shop, and purchase premium tea blends as a gifting option. Indian tea is a popular gifting option among Indians and foreigners alike. This trend is fast growing and is what is encouraging tea manufacturers to improve the quality of the tea they produce as well as their logistics and operations.


Although millennials still prefer coffee, Gen-Z is slowly warming up to the tea culture in India. In fact, you can see many youngsters going to local shops and tea vendors in order to get their daily fix of the beverage. This is not only helping the local economy but is also providing employment to many people as well.

The tea market may be struggling at the moment, but market reports say it will eventually cross this roadblock and begin to grow again. However, many tea producers are changing the way they position and market their products in order to meet the demand of the consumers. There will be more of a demand for premium teas and organic teas which is a huge opportunity in the Indian market as well. These are only some of the trends affecting the market and we are sure to see more in the future.

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