Tea Bags Versus Loose Leaf Tea - Which is better

Tea Bags Versus Loose Leaf Tea - Which is better


The debate between loose leaf Munnar tea and Munnar tea bags is ongoing. Munnar tea connoisseurs will always say that loose leaf tea is much better due to a number of reasons. But which one’s actually better? Here we shall explore the differences between the two to determine that and help you understand which one you should buy.

Loose Leaf Tea Vs Tea Bags

Loose leaf tea is generally tea leaves that are larger in size, stored in a tea caddy or canister as opposed to portion sized bags containing tea. Since the size of loose tea is larger, it is more flavoursome as opposed to tea which has been crushed into tea bag.

Some people prefer loose tea leaves because when mixed with the water, the tea leaves move freely and circulate the flavour, distributing it all over. Tea bags on the other hand, don’t do that and you need to manually mix them in to get the best flavour. A big advantage that tea bags have over loose leaf tea is the convenience of making a quick cup of tea without creating a mess.

The Flavour Game

When it comes to Munnar tea especially, flavour is the most important. Loose leaf black tea is more of a premium drink that tastes better and is more flavourful. There are many organic black loose-leaf teas on the market, but none better than Munnar tea. Loose-leaf teas are preferred over tea bags for a more flavoursome beverage experience. However, this is not to say that tea bags aren’t also full of flavour.

Health is Wealth

Some tea experts will say that tea brewed in tea bags won’t yield as flavourful of a brew as loose leaf brewing methods, since the size of the tea bag limits the infusion ability. The difference in taste is fairly minimal for the average tea drinker, but if you have a more refined palate, opt for tea bags that are a bit roomier, such as the pyramid tea bags.

The standard folded and enveloped tea bag is what most of us are familiar with. They were the first ones to come around, after all. Only recently have the various shapes of tea bags become part of public knowledge. Yet many of us are still unaware of the innovation known as pyramid tea bags.

The Cost Factor

Cost-wise, you might expect to pay more for tea bags vs loose tea leaves. But considering many of us fork out several rupees every day for our morning cup of coffee, the cost of a cup of tea especially tea bags is less costly than any other beverage you might find on the market.

Loose leaf tea may be fresher and of higher quality, but the convenience of using tea bags is definitely a better option if you do not want to deal with messy tea brewing. However organic Black teas such as Munnar Black Tea, does not show much difference in flavour whether it is a tea bag or loose tea, because the teas are carefully packed and ensured of quality. It is important however, to know the difference between the two, and to know which one you would enjoy better.

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