Munnar Tea - South India In The Perfect Cup

Munnar Tea - South India In The Perfect Cup


Tea comes in many flavours. And in India, there is no dearth of variety. As the second largest producer of tea, the Indian subcontinent boasts of some of the most premium teas in the world. Although each region produces most types of tea, each one has a different flavour profile and production method which is one of the reasons Indian tea is interesting to many people who visit the country. One region in particular is extremely well known for its tea production – Munnar. Located in Kerala, it boasts of some of the highest and most picturesque tea estates in India. Here we will explore the aspects of Munnar tea and tell you how to brew the perfect cup as well!


Nilgiri tea is grown in the southwestern region of India in the Blue Mountain range called the Nilgiris. One of the most well-known areas for this type of tea is the state of Kerala, particularly the plantations of Munnar. The tea produce is mainly black tea and its other variations. However, you can also find green, white and oolong tea. Munnar tea is known as the ‘fragrant one’ as it is full of flavour. It grows all year round unlike many other teas which are harvested seasonally. When it comes to Indian tea, Nilgiri black tea from Munnar is one of the best teas you can drink.


The fact that Munnar tea is beneficial to health should be an incentive to drink it more. Some of the good things Munnar tea can do for you are:

a. It helps in digestion and helps in feeling less bloated and full. It also reduces the acid reflux effect and calms your stomach.

b. This tea also helps in improving your cardiovascular strength and blood circulation.

c. Munnar tea is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps you heal faster to boost your bodily defences.

d. South Indian black teas are also good if you want to help yourself and slow down the aging process as they have anti- aging ingredients which help you look youthful and younger.


1. To get the best flavour out of the Munnar tea leaves, you need to use a larger teapot so that the leaves can move around freely.

2. Preheat your teapot till the water is warm and then discard it.

3. Add the tea leaves to the pot and then add some more hot water to the leaves.

4. You simply let the tea brew for a few minutes depending on how strong you like it. The typical brewing time is from 3-10 minutes.

5. Pour the tea into your cup and enjoy your brew!

6. Adding a slice of lemon will bring a tangy flavour to your tea.

7. You could also add milk to it if you like milk tea. To get the most authentic flavour of Munnar tea, try this tea at least once without sugar, milk or lemon.

Munnar tea is not hard to find, but you might want to buy it fresh from a plantation rather than a ready to drink tea bag in a grocery store. It tastes much better and gives a fresher cup of tea and elevates the drinking experience. Munnar Tea can be bought online as well – we manufacture it on our plantation and deliver it to you directly. So if you are looking for a different tea experience, then try some Munnar tea!

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