It's All About The Brewing - How To Brew Premium Leaf Tea

It's All About The Brewing - How To Brew Premium Leaf Tea


Loose – leaf Munnar tea is an experience meant to be enjoyed, and a freshly brewed cup of tea is always a good idea. It is the brewing process that makes tasty black tea, especially if you are using loose- leaf tea. If you are new to the whole brewing process, don’t worry, we have some tips on how you can make the perfect cup of tea, so read on!


1. Use fresh water at room temperature - not boiled or distilled water. However, if the water in your area is hard, then you can go ahead with boiled water which has been brought down to room temperature in your kettle.

2. The second step is to heat the water till it starts to boil. The moment it starts boiling, remove it from the heat. Munnar tea gets the best flavour when you enjoy it with water that has been cooled down, or lukewarm water, depending on the type of tea. Green and white teas are best enjoyed at cooler temperatures whereas black tea and oolong are generally enjoyed hotter.

3. Munnar tea leaves come in different shapes and sizes, and for the perfect brew, you would want to measure them. For large leaves you want to take 1 tablespoon per cup of black tea and for smaller ones, one teaspoon per cup of black tea. This can change depending on how strong prefer your tea.

4. Steeping the tea is most important step of the process to enjoy the real flavour of Munnar tea. If you are unsure about how much time to keep the water in the tea, then do it for around 3 minutes and then judge how much feels right, depending on the colour.

Premium Indian tea varieties take time to brew and it is important not to burn the tea as you brew it. Many novices can make mistakes while brewing their first cup and learn as they go along. However, these can result in an astringent brew. To avoid this, our premium Munnar tea packages have specific instructions on how to brew them.


1. Pre-portioned Tea Bags are an easy way to enjoy whole leaf tea and brew them quickly. Tea bags come in various forms like pyramid tea bags, which have the whole leaves in them, tea pouches, tea balls, and even tea socks, which allow for fuller infusions as opposed to tea bags.

2. In- cup tea infusers follow the basic principle of steeping tea, only with more convenience. All you need to do is add the tea infuser into your cup, steep, and then enjoy your Munnar tea. Some also come with a drip cup which prevents the mess after you have finished your tea.

3. With a little practice, Gaiwan tea infusers are an easy, portable way to drink tea anywhere, anytime. Gaiwan sets usually consist of two to four parts: a cup, a lid, a saucer (optional) and an extra cup (optional). The easiest way to brew with a Gaiwan is to add the tea leaves and water, brew the tea, and then use the lid (tilted at a slight angle on top of the cup) to strain the tea as you pour it into a cup.

In short, there are many ways to brew tea. Whether it is premium black tea, or regular black tea, the enjoyment lies in how well the cup of tea has been brewed. The quality of tea you get with each method varies, but at the end, it is the type of tea you choose which will help you decide on how to brew it. We hope you enjoy your cup of tasty Munnar tea!

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