How to Handle the Climate in Munnar

How to Handle the Climate in Munnar

Considering the climate of Munnar, you may want to plan your trip accordingly. This can be done by knowing the temperature and rainfall of the area. You can also consider the average dew point and the weather patterns in the area. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar. Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.

Weather In Munnar

Munnar is a popular destination for tourists. The climate of the town is pleasant and mild year round. It is perfect for travel and trekking, and has many attractions. During the monsoons, the weather is calm and pleasant, and the town is at its most beautiful.

Munnar is located in the Western Ghats mountain range in Kerala. The city is known for its greenery and clear skies. Although the climate is moderate, the cold weather of winters can be uncomfortable.

January is the coldest month of the year in Munnar. Temperatures are often below freezing during the evenings. On the other hand, the days are sunny and warm. Occasionally, there may be snowfall. This is a rare occurrence in Munnar.

April is the hottest month of the year in Munnar. Weather can be drizzly at times. However, the daytime temperatures are usually above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly, nighttime temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The drier part of the year lasts from November to May. The windier part of the year begins May 21 and ends on September 15. Wind speeds average 5.3 miles per hour.

July is the cloudiest month of the year in Munnar. However, the highest rainfall in the month is on June 19. Also, rain can occur at any time in April.

December is the shortest month of the year in Munnar. Normally, frost falls by the first week of the month.

Among the four seasons, Munnar is best visited during the monsoon season. Besides, the cool climate of the winter months is also an added attraction. If you're planning to visit the hill station, you should pack woolen clothes. Likewise, don't forget to take essential medicines and a hat.

Best Time To Visit Munnar

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Munnar, you should visit it during the right season. This hill station is a perfect destination for tourists looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Located 1600 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by tea plantations and has a pristine environment.

The best time to visit Munnar is during the winter months. It is the ideal season for trekking and rappelling. In addition, it is also the best time to see the Neelakurinji flowers, which bloom in this season.

The monsoon season starts in June and ends in September. During this period, the humidity decreases and the rains are moderate. However, there are a lot of rain showers, which can cause landslides. There are also some cold nights in the winters.

Summer is the busiest season of the year. Visitors can avail discounts on hotel tariffs and can take advantage of the sunny weather for outdoor activities. Travelers can also take advantage of the pleasant climate by hiking or biking.

Spring is another good time to visit Munnar. Besides hiking, visitors can also explore the tea plantations.

The Neelakurinji flower is only found in this part of the country. It blooms every 12 years. Besides nature walks, travelers can also watch colorful butterflies at the Eravikulam National Park.

Tourists can also plan for a trek to Anamudi, which is over 2,500 meters high. Besides exploring the tea plantations, visitors can also take a ride on an elephant at the Carmelagiri Elephant Park.

Munnar is a wonderful destination for a family holiday. It is also a perfect getaway for those who want to escape from the summer heat. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar. Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.

Average Temperature In Munnar

Munnar is a popular tourist destination in the Western Ghat Mountains. It's a beautiful place to visit with its cool, refreshing climate. The climate is ideal for hiking, mountain climbing, rappelling and trekking.

Munnar is a good option for an outing with friends or family during the cold winter months. In the winter, the average temperatures are 10 degrees Celsius, while in the summer, the temperature can reach up to 35 degrees. During the summer, the climate can be slightly cool with occasional thunder.

Among the best times to visit Munnar are March, April and May. These months are perfect for sightseeing, nature walks, and wildlife sightings.

If you want to avoid the rainy weather in Munnar, you should visit during the dry season. June, July, and August are the wettest months of the year. They have an average of 17.6 days of rainfall with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

The drier season lasts from November 19 to May 10. This is a period of less rainfall, and is ideal for outdoor activities like rock climbing. You can also visit the tea gardens, where they can be somewhat cool.

Another time to visit is in April, when the temperatures reach their hottest. This is also a favorable time for photoshoots. Besides the usual sightseeing, you can also go for some adventure sports.

During the monsoons, the temperatures vary between 20 and 25 degrees. However, there are some occasions when the climate becomes very humid. So, it is recommended that you wear woolen clothes.

While visiting Munnar, you should always keep in mind that the weather can change from day to day. It is therefore advised to check with your hotel before planning your trip. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar. Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.

Average Dew Point In Munnar

The average dew point in Munnar is measured from several sources. It is calculated based on historical hourly weather reports and is adjusted for elevation differences. This is done to give a complete picture of the climate of the city.

The city has a pleasant and moderate climate throughout the year. However, it can get a bit cool during the monsoon. That is why it is best to pack a raincoat and top your outfit off with a sleeveless shirt.

In the winter months, the temperature is very comfortable. During this time, the maximum temperature is around 33 Degree Celsius. There are not many snowfalls.

During the summer months, the temperature is usually in the high 20's to low 30's. It is also a good time to go out for an outdoor adventure. Water sports are also available.

During the winter season, the humidity decreases. The sun is not as hot as in other parts of the country. This makes it a nice time to take a walk or go for a bike ride.

When it comes to the daytime temperatures, the average high varies from 28 to 33 degrees. Daytime temperatures are often overcast. At night, it is colder.

Compared to other regions in India, the climate in Munnar is moderate. The drier seasons last from November 19 to May 10.

However, the weather in Munnar can be very different. During the first monsoon season, the city gets a lot of rainfall. Depending on the weather conditions, the city is a great destination for honeymooners.

Despite the rain, the weather in Munnar is still pleasant and moderate. Munnar is a hill station and is surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Average Rainfall In Munnar

Munnar has a year-round climate that varies slightly from month to month. Generally, the winter months are the drier and cooler while the summer months are the hottest and wettest. While the weather can be pleasant during the daytime, it can get chilly at night.

The hottest month is March, while the coldest is January. December and January are both drier. However, the wettest months are May and July. It is important to note that the average monthly rainfall for each month is often different from the number of days with rain.

The shortest day in Munnar is December 22 and the longest is June 21. The average length of a day is about 12 hours and 42 minutes.

The shortest period of time with average daily temperatures below 60 degrees is December 16, while the maximum is about 25 degrees. The shortest period of time with an average daily high temperature above 70 degrees is March.

For a tropical climate, it is easy to understate the number of wet days. On the other hand, the total number of rainy days can vary dramatically from month to month. Regardless, the typical rainfall in a day is 0.71 inches.

Another good thing about Munnar is its cool breeze. The temperature can drop from 82 degrees to 55 degrees, depending on the season. This makes it the ideal place for exploring, hiking, or rock climbing. There are plenty of places to explore in this region. Some of the most popular spots include Carmelagiri Park and Kundala Lake.

Munnar is home to a variety of natural attractions. If you are planning to visit this exotic destination, you should make sure to take into account the varying climate. Enjoy the best Places to visit in Munnar. Live in the Best hotel in Munnar. Take a vacation at the Top resort in Munnar. Consider the best travel route From Kochi to Munnar.

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