Green Tea Vs Herbal Tea

Green Tea Vs Herbal Tea

Many people think that green tea is a type of herbal tea. However, this is a misconception. The debate between lovers of tea as to which is better has been going on for ages. Each type of tea has its own unique flavour, varieties, and health benefits. If you are still a newbie to the tea world, then we hope that this post helps you understand the difference between the two.

Green Tea vs. Herbal Tisane

The biggest difference between green tea and herbal tea, is that green tea is considered a tea, since it comes from the tea plant and a very specific one at that. Herbal tea is made by brewing herbs, flowers, fruits, or plants that are not tea plants. Therefore herbal tea is not really a tea, but a tisane.

Green tea and Herbal tea come from different plants

True tea comes from the Camelia Sinesis plant which is native to East Asia. Herbal teas can come from almost any plant like sage, chamomile, rose and other plants. It should not be mistaken for the tea plant from which you get green tea and other teas from. Some herbal teas are also made from fruits like apples and pears.

Green tea has higher caffeine content

Green tea at the end of the day is tea and contains caffeine, which most types of herbal tea do not. Green tea is generally the choice of drink for many people when they want a substitute for coffee and because of its caffeine content, it keeps you alert and awake. However, herbal tea is better for relaxing and unwinding because it does not contain any additives or caffeine.

Health benefits of green tea vs. herbal tea

Both herbal tea and green tea have a variety of health benefits. Green tea for example can help prevent the growth of cancerous cells, prevent dangerous diseases and help metabolism. Although herbal tea has similar health benefits, it won’t be as strong as green tea and has mellower health benefits such as relieving stomach pain and internal irritations.

A word of caution - although green tea is healthy, there is too much of a good thing where green tea is concerned. If you consume too much green tea, you may suffer side effects which can be detrimental to your health. However, with herbal tea, there are no side effects and you can brew it out of whichever plant you have handy or buy it easily.

How much green tea and herbal tea can you drink?

Herbal teas have less side effects and can be drunk even by children and pregnant women. Because green tea has caffeine in it, it is not so safe to drink for all ages, and should be enjoyed in moderation. Green teas can also be slightly more expensive and harder to find but herbal tea is not that difficult to find.

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