Interesting Facts About Tea

Interesting Facts About Tea

People have been enjoying tea for well over five thousand years and it has gained a reputation as one of the most popular beverages worldwide. From traditional Earl Grey Tea to Indian Masala Chai, tea can be enjoyed in many ways. In fact, each country has its own traditions around drinking tea. However, there are some little-known facts about this beverage that will surprise the most veteran tea drinkers! Are you ready to increase your tea knowledge?

The Discovery Of Tea : A Happy Accident!

One of the lesser-known facts about tea is its discovery. Many people think that the Chinese originally brewed tea for their emperor. However, the first brew was actually a mistake! It was made because some tea leaves fell into the water which was meant for the emperor to drink. The emperor found that he enjoyed it and ended up asking for more, which is how the concept of tea drinking was invented.

Types Of Tea : Same Plant, Different Treatment

Though there are various types of tea such as green tea, black tea, and oolong tea – they all come from the same plant! The Camelia Sinensis plant is the origin of all kinds of tea. However, the difference between them is the processing time and fermenting time required for the leaves which are made into different brews.

Tea Versus Tisane : Not the same thing!

Many people confuse teas and tisanes. Although tisanes are also brewed, they do not come from the Camelia Sinensis plant as tea does. Tisanes are in fact, herbal drinks and can be infused with herbs like lavender, chamomile, berries, fruits, and nuts. They can be mixed with tea to make herbal infusions which are just as tasty as normally brewed teas.

Green Tea Is A Superfood

Because of its extremely good health benefits, green tea is also regarded as a superfood. It helps with multiple health problems and can be used as a medicine. The compounds in green tea can be beneficial to the human body and you can find almost any variety of green tea online.

Tea Drinking Countries : Who drinks the most tea?

China, Kenya and Sri Lanka may be the biggest exporters of tea; however, it is the United Kingdom, Ireland and Turkey that consume the most tea with almost three billion cups drunk on an annual basis! These countries are considered some of the biggest tea consumers in the world besides China, in which tea is consumed daily as an accompaniment to almost every meal.

Tea As A Currency

In the early 20th century in Asia, tea was also used as a currency, where it was shaped into coins and traded among Mongolia, China and Siberia. It was an accepted form of currency for a long time and exchanged for goods and other products which were exported from these countries.

Tea is available almost anywhere and has gained popularity among many countries. Whether you drink it hot or iced, it can be drunk at any time of the day and enjoyed in many ways such as chai lattes, masala chai, and even spiced. If you want to have some of the tastiest tea in India, why not try ordering from our online shop?

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