Green Tea vs White Tea - Which One Is Better?

Green Tea vs White Tea - Which One Is Better?

Tea is a beverage that is known to be healthy for you. While people enjoy various types of tea, from black tea to oolong tea, to even green and white tea, there is an ongoing debate between the lovers of green tea and white tea, which are the two most subtly flavored types of this popular beverage.

You may be wondering - which one is better for you? So, we’re here to settle the debate between green and white tea and tell you which one you should choose! Let us dive into the various benefits of both so that you can decide for yourself.

The health benefits of green tea vs. white tea

Let’s start with green tea. We all know that it is good for health because it also helps you lose weight, reduces the risk of heart disease, and destresses your mind, among many other benefits. But what about its popular sibling - white tea? Although both, green tea and white tea have similar origins, they have different properties which give them unique health benefits.

Green tea is extremely healthy but white tea has three times the number of antioxidants as compared to green tea! This can help your immune system fight diseases and become even healthier, in order to have a strong body. White tea also has polyphenols which allow the immune system to develop their antibodies and fight cancer as well as diabetes.

This is not to say that green tea is unhealthy – in fact, it contains the same types of nutrients, but to a lesser degree. Both types of tea are good for you, but white tea is much better if you want to look after health.

Which tastes better – green tea or white tea?

White tea gets its name from the white silvery buds of the tea leaf. Green tea on the other hand consists of fresh tea leaves which have not been fully harvested yet.

White tea generally contains less caffeine than even green tea which is why it is a popular choice among many people to avoid a caffeine overdose. However, because of its mild flavor, white tea tends to take longer to steep in order to get a strong flavor, making it a more subtle beverage.

Green tea has a richer flavor and aroma, and can be paired with honey, fruits, or other flavouring agents to enrich and enhance the taste. Both can be enjoyed with milk, though to taste the true flavor of the tea, you would be better off drinking them in plain warm water.

How can I find green tea or white tea?

Premium quality white tea is rarer to find, given the complexity of its production process. It can also be very expensive!

Green tea is more commonly found, though the quality can differ from producer to producer. However, at the Munnar tea shop, we have every variety of both types of tea to suit your needs, including green and white tea of the highest quality - freshly handpicked, lovingly packaged and delivered to your doorstep. Ultimately, no matter what you choose to drink, tea should always be at the top of your list!

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    Find out the top 5 green tea brands for better result than other brands. . Also know benefits and uses of consuming green tea in your daily routine.

  2. Aman Verma

    There are many types of tea in this world. but according to me I like to consume Green Tea in my daily routine, as it benefited me a lot. There are many benefits of green tea. In some of the countries this drink is also know as a miracle drink because it helps in solving many health problems. Green tea id considered as the best beverage to reduce the weight. To get the best results make a proper schedule of green to consume or you can also take help of dietitian.

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